The Police and the Motorcycle Helmet

The Police and the Motorcycle Helmet
By Low Jeremy

Jeremy has been a member of the California Highway Patrol for the past 6 years. This individual wanted to serve the public and ride on the bike as a kid and got the opportunity to do both after graduating from secondary school.

The job did not pay much but the rewards came when the roads this officer patrolled on were safe. One of the things that this person always had on to remind other bikers of safety first is the police motorcycle helmet.

Law enforcement riders are not the only ones required to have a helmet. State law requires bike owners to have one on every time the individual decides to hit the open road. The reasons for this are simple that is to protect the biker during an accident.

Highway patrol officers are given a helmet before going on the road. The best ones are those made of thermo plastic composite material that uses high pressure compression giving it strength and making it lightweight.

The helmet is about three pounds. When the police officer puts this on with the radio and the utility belt mounted on the waist or shoulder, this will be an additional 6 pounds to the individualís normal weight.

There are two types of visors that can be chosen for the motorcycle helmet. The person can choose to get the standard snap on visor or the fixed patent leather version.

The individual can easily put this one or take it off because of the quick nylon tubular chin strap that is adjustable. This means that it can fit any officer who will be patrolling the streets using a motorcycle.

The interior of the helmet can be removed and is hand washable. This will keep it clean and smelling good even if the person sweats due to extreme heat especially in the hot summer months or during rainy weather.

Those serving in law enforcement can only purchase the police motorcycle helmet. This means people who want to have one should pass through the rigorous process of applying then training to be one of the few with a badge and a gun.

It takes courage to get on a bike and join the ranks of others in the service who have been doing this for a number of years. This is the reason that people like Jeremy still prefer to patrol the streets so that ordinary motorists can always be safe.

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